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What To See

I Giardini del Casoncello

wild gardens, reachable also on foot from Casa di Cinti (2 km approx.)


Via Scascoli, 75, 40050 Loiano (BO)

Phone +39 051-92.81.00

booking needed


English review on Casoncello's gardens


Astronomical observatory

Via Orzale, 16, 40050 Loiano (BO)


 book your guided visit:

 Phone +39 051-6544434 or +39 366-6732907

 Time: 15 min. by car


"The Winter Line" Gothic Line Museum and Documentation Centre 

Via della Chiesa, 4, Loc. Livergnano 

40065 Pianoro (BO)

Ph.+39 051.778834 or +39 380.5074820

Phone to Mr Umberto Magnani to book a visit

Time: 15 min. by car

Monte Bibele Celtic and Etruscan archaeological site  


Rebuilt ancient land settlement that helps to revive the times when Etruscan people inhabited the Idice Valley: they reached the peak of their civisilation between IV and III century b.C. Noticeable round stone cistern to store water and a sun calendar carved in a round stone. Pleasant walk to get there. Suggestion: take the path on the left of the visitor's centre

                                                      Time: 30 min by car




 Via del Museo, 2

 40050 Monterenzio (BO)

 Phone: +39 051-929766

 Time: 30 min. by car



 Via Tazzola, Loc. Tazzola 40065 Pianoro (BO)

 Ph. +39 333 612 4867

 other link to the museum


 Time: 30 min. by car



 Monte Adone itinerary



 Time: 10 min. to reach Livergnano by car

The Pliocene Whale in the Val di Zena valley

Via Gorgognano 9, 40065 - Pianoro (BO)


more on Zena's whale


walk along Val di Zena Geo Trail

Time: 30 mins. by car


Monte delle Formiche and the sanctuary






Time: 20 min. by car



Driving south along Fondovalle main road, continue on SP60 (provincial road) following the direction to Castel dell’Alpi.

Nice small lake, perfect for an easy stroll along its banks. Row boat hire available.

Time: 30 min. by car





This ancient road was discovered on the Apennines only a few years ago, after many years of studies, theories and attempts. It is a well maked path that offers walks of medium difficulty. During a hot summer day you will find the pleasant coolness from the woods. Along the path that once leaded to Arezzo, you will see entire pieces of cobblestones of  the Roman road Flaminia Militare (187 a.C.). You can also visit Piana degli Ossi, where are the rest of Roman furnaces used for the cooking of lime (Calcium Hydroxide).   From our home it will take an hour by car. Once there, you can eat in Val Serena, we suggest you the restaurant at Chalet Valserena with swimmingpool (address: Via Sdroscia, 2, 40048 San Benedetto val di Sambro BO ph.+39. 0534 99113) or on your drive back:  Ristorante Rifugio Lago Rioletta (address: Via Rioletta 12, Pian Di Balestra 7, 40048 San Benedetto V.S. (BO) Ph.+39 0534-99.153/ 0534-99.066).

Time: 40 min. by car


 Via Celestini, 1, 40037 Sasso Marconi (BO)

 Phone +39 051-84.61.21



Time: 30 min. by car



SP62, 40030 Ariola, Grizzana Morandi (BO) 


Booking is mandatory: pls click here for booking.

 This fascinating castle is quite far away from  here, but well worth a visit !

 Google map link

 Time: 1 hour and 10 min (49 km)