Local Gourmet Specialties


Local specialities include meat tortellini pasta rings in broth,

ricotta-filled tortelloni pasta parcels covered with melted butter or tomato sauce,

potato-filled tortelli pasta parcels,

tagliatelle pasta ribbons with classic beef, wild boar or venison sauce,

tagliatelle with porcini (cep) mushrooms, stinging nettle tagliatelle,

passatelli (parmesan cheese and eggs noodles) in broth, the hard-to-find stuffed rabbit, crescentine (thin doughball fritters) and/or tigelle (round  flatbread) served with sliced cured meats, cheese and pickles, tagliata (grilled sliced beef) and the famous fiorentina T-bone, whilst the typical local mixed grill is sure to include coppone (nape of pork sausage), sausage, pancetta (a sort of bacon) and pork ribs. Typical charcuterie including, besides ham and Bologna sausage, coppa di testa (head cheese or brawn), salame montanaro (local salami), salsiccia passita (Romagna dried sausage). Local milk and dairy products, usually high-quality organic produce, including green cheeses such as primosale (a semi-soft cheese) or Castel San Pietro mild semi-soft, ricotta or various mature cheeses.

The fragrant traditional local bread, an obligatory accompaniment to these rich dishes.

Traditional desserts include: zuccherini (aniseed biscuits), pinza (shortcrust pastry pie or turnover with fruit pickle filling), ricotta tarts, jam/fruit tarts and desserts eaten with a spoon such as mascarpone, tiramisu and trifle.

Traditional local wines are Sangiovese red and Pignoletto sparkling white. Excellent chestnut, wheat or juniper craft beers. A special mention should be made regarding the production of marroni (large high quality chestnuts) and castagne (standard chestnuts), in particular the marrone biondo, lighter in colour that the typical large chestnut and bigger than the standard chestnut, as well as sweeter and more flavoursome. These delicious autumn fruits are used to make flour, beer, biscuits and tagliatelle.